I Don't Know What Everyone Else Thinks, But

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Re: I Don't Know What Everyone Else Thinks, But

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I love their wealth of knowledge and stories.
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Re: I Don't Know What Everyone Else Thinks, But

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Hello ChrisB74......

Of course I will not be able to give you the name of the person I am calling Rico Sauve which by the way is my new nickname for him😏

However there is a host who thinks he is the envy of all the other Male hosts
He thinks he is the Cats Meow with his bottom of the barrel "R. Watch,
and his ring that he is always bragging about!!
Then of course there's the fake tan, exposed chest and Prom suits to finish the look😁

Hope that helps you figure it out...This is my opinion and observations😉

COLLJOE......are you saying Tony is Rico Sauve?
For me that is not who I am referring to
I love Tony and Tenner....to me they are down to earth and knowledgeable
Their accents sound cool🙂

Hi Lulu.....I have never noticed tic behavior from Michelle like you stated but I respect your opinion 😉One of the hosts makes these awful movements with their mouth,
it's like their teeth are hurting or there is not enough room in the mouth for them😢
Hi @MaeWest1953! No worries not letting me know who it is. If I couldn't guess based on your post I don't deserve to know. lol Fake tan :lol: You crack me up! (I did originally think you meant Tony, also, but he didn't fit the rest of the profile!)

I like Tony and Tenner, but their accents are so different I can't believe they were brought up in the same household! When I first heard him I thought, with no disrespect, that he kind of sounded like Balki from 'Perfect Strangers'.

The boys weren't brought up in the same household - not even the same country. Tony was brought up in Texas and Tenner in Brazil. Don't know why. Tenner has stated that he relied on meals being provided at school so he wasn't living in the lap of luxury.

Wow, that's fascinating. Thanks for the information. I wonder why their upbringing was so different. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to watch Tenner's segments, but he definitely knows what he's talking about.
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