Hello, Introduction.....

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Re: Hello, Introduction.....

Post by MaeWest1953 » 2 years ago

Well I made a friend with Summer71 on this forum and we would like to continue periodic contact with each other but according to the rules we can't give out an email address😒

My address is generic so it's not like I am exposing information but we are told not too
Last year we had fun threads and discussions about many topics including our feelings about the hosts which I have no problem with because every person has a right to their opinions, LOL

If I don't want to read about the hosts or something that doesn't interest me then I just keep scrolling....it's that easy😏
Many posts and comments were removed regarding the items being sold and offered and it always baffled me as to why

We lost some good members and that also baffled me
So some of us are walking on egg shells now......
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Re: Hello, Introduction.....

Post by Margui » 2 years ago

Welcome to the forum, Sunnygold!
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Re: Hello, Introduction.....

Post by Sea_Hag » 2 years ago

sunnygold wrote:
2 years ago
Oh, and another thing: I won't be posting about who said what at a certain time, and so on and so on. That is so boring. Let's get to some substance here, please.
Your attitude and focus is a breath of fresh air! I had looked forward to discussing jewelry here and have tried to start conversations about that very thing, but the discussions in general are something less than positive and that's why I haven't posted or been in this forum for quite some time. And while it's okay to occasionally vent (we all need that at times) it seems like that has overshadowed anything more upbeat. Looking forward to happier discussions!
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Re: Hello, Introduction.....

Post by klre » 2 years ago

Gypsy wrote:
2 years ago

Good Morning and welcome to the forum.

Things have greatly changed since the start of the forum, but it can still be a nice place to meet, form friendships and just chat. ENJOY !!

- Gypsy
Hi Sunnygold and welcome. Unfortunately, there are some viewers who complain about everything and everyone. So and So moves their hands too much, so and so looks awful, so and so needs to change her top. It makes them appear to be lonely, miserable people so the conversations have definitely become more toxic rather than constructive. I don't visit the forum like I used to because of this.
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