Thoughts on the Under 10 TLV?

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Re: Thoughts on the Under 10 TLV?

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 2 years ago

I have wondered for a long time if all this stuff they sell is real. I have not bought any thing in a while. The last expensive items I bought was wello opal ring, earrings, & pendant , I never got them wet & after a few months they lost their color & turned yellow. I have not bought anything expensive from them since,& I do not plan on throwing away my money any more. I just check back from time to time to see how everyone is doing
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Re: Thoughts on the Under 10 TLV?

Post by Margui » 2 years ago

lah2001 wrote:
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Margui wrote:
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In other words, they are framing people by selling fake gemstones. Yesterday, I bought a multiple gem necklace and set of star earrings. One of them is dyed howlite and I hope is howlite. (Some fake gem dealers are selling fake howlite) I will remove the fake color with acetone. Gemstones are cool to the touch when you wear them at first. Plastic is not. The company was sued when they were called the Liquidation Channel for passing plastic or synthetic stones as natural gemstones.
-The company was sued for selling fakes? Can you tell us a bit more about this? Thanks in advance.
It was years ago, like in the early 2010’s. I bought a small fire opal round cut, and I took the stone to a jeweler and he told me it was synthetic. I was furious and I had an argument with one of the customer service employees from the Liquidation Channel. Then I read a jewelry complaint report page, that the company at that time was selling fakes, according to the customers. Now since they changed to their current name, they have to disclose what are they are selling.
For gemologists a fake can be a natural gem posing as another one. Example: Dyed howlite passing as turquoise. And the customer pays like it was the more expensive gem. Another example is passing a man made stone like the real gem, and lastly agates with strange colors
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