Kristopher Buckle presentation Awful

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Kristopher Buckle presentation Awful

Post by Lacy » 2 years ago

When they presented this a while ago. I bought 3 kits, different shades. None of them worked for my skin tone. The makeup is thick. The mascara was dried out, the smudger on the liner gets nasty quickly. Shop LC would not let me return it either once it was opened. When Kim presented it today, she only concentrated on which one she wants and did not explain the colors for what skin tone. Except for the first 10 seconds of the presentation. She said, one with red undertones, etc. I think she should have concentrated on that. It's like she was shopping for herself and the details did not matter. She didn't show a skin tone chart for the product. How are you supposed to decide. From the example on her hand. NO. Your hand is darker than your face is most cases.

I went online and there is a tone chart for this line. She was completely wrong. So if you ordered any of these items with Kim's advise, The colors may not work for you too. Don't open the seal if you want to return it.

She is not a good host at all especially when it comes to items she likes. She always says, I will wear this or this is for me. I don't care what works for her. She is selling it to us. Unbelievable. Stop singing badly and sell the product with the information needed for us to purchase.
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Re: Kristopher Buckle presentation Awful

Post by MaeWest1953 » 2 years ago

Lacy, thanks so much for the valuable information.....
I turned the station after she wouldn't stop talking only about what she liked
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Re: Kristopher Buckle presentation Awful

Post by Lala3 » 2 years ago

Here is my take on this makeup. I purchased my 1st Christopher b kit several years ago from QVC I suppose he wasn’t popular with that crowd and it was discontinued. I paid much more over there. When I saw the very same kit was being sold at Shoplc I bought it once again I purchased the lightest color they offered. Personally I like it I even liked the soft rose shade lipstick. The creme makeup comes in stick form . If you have oily skin you probably won’t like it a little goes a long way and I use a sponge to apply it .I don’t use much mascara so I don’t have an opinion of that. The price is CHEAP for a once high end makeup line. Agreed Miss K is so over the top it looks like a skit from the old days of Saturday night Live! Saw Cheryl is still on this morning selling those soon to turn yellow opals. 6 weeks ago she was doing the very same things shouting what wasn’t sold would be packed up and sent back to sister station in England . That was a LIE. Plain and simple deceiving advertising and that offends me I bought welo opals and they were returned when she presented those earrings they were $127.00 now they are markdown to $107.00 something is just plain false in Austin
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