Silver Bali Jewelry

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Silver Bali Jewelry

Post by Lacy » 5 months ago

I wonder why Shop LC's Silver Bali jewelry is so oxidized (black) or looking tarnished. LC brags on how their jewelry has so much oxidation. I want shiny silver jewelry not black. It can have a slight oxidation but not grey or tarnished looking silver. Has anyone else had this experience?

JTV has amazing silver Bali jewelry on right now. It's a more money but its so bright and pretty.
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Re: Silver Bali Jewelry

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 5 months ago

I have noticed this also, I also want my silver bright & shiny, who wants black tarnished looking silver. The other day I saw a band like this with emeralds on Shop LC , to me it really degraded the look of the emeralds to, they ended up selling several of them. so go figure.
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Re: Silver Bali Jewelry

Post by Blizzard » 5 months ago

In response to the Bali jewelry posts. I must say that is the one jewelry collection that I have the most success with. I have a number of bracelets from the collection, and have been happy with. There was one issue with one that the locking device was not working correctly. I sent it back for another bracelet, they just returned the same one not working right. I like the bracelet, so I plan to bring it to a local jeweler to have it fixed.
The extra oxidation does not seem to be an issue with the bracelets I have purchased. I cannot speak about rings and earrings. They do not have any rings for the gentlemen. Regarding JTV, I ordered one of their Bali pieces. I was not so impressed. The pieces look heavier on the TV. When I received it, I was disappointed. I sent it back. I wish Shop LC would add men's Bali rings to their collection. They often forget that men shop for jewelry, etc. as well. They never have men's pieces on the shows. They need to start adding more items for the men.
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