Management pleeeeeze!!

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Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by D-Flawless » 1 month ago

Someone in Management PLEEEEZE teach Kim some new words! She says the same two words over and over “Right” and “Absolutely”!! It’s sooooo annoying! I love watching Chuck but when he’s on with her I just cannot handle it! She could say things like “Yes”, “I agree”, “For sure!”, “certainly”, “I concur”…for starters!! Please ask her to sit still and stop the squealing too! I get seasick trying to watch her antics!

Also…please help Deanna…love her but she also constantly says the same things…”on here”, “on there” when it really doesn’t even apply! And the “Minute in it to win it”! Good grief…”It’s either “A minute to win it” or “In it to win it”! I realize it’s difficult to talk nonstop for hours on end and sound interesting and intelligent but if you think for a second you can come up with new and unique words and phrases!

I really believe it’s the job of Management to help the hosts sound professional on the air! Please start holding classes or something! I’ll be happy to come and teach a few! 🤣
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by Lacy » 1 month ago

I agree but maybe they can just let the other host speak without interruptions or comments. Take a breath and let the other host, make the point.
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by colljoe » 1 month ago

I do agree with the above comments. And I also feel that we who have made comments about the hosts are doing so as an opinion and suggestion for them. Because without our input, how would they know? It doesn't suggest we are being mean, it suggests that management listen and at least check it out. So many of us have said the same things. And nothing has changed. The cleavage is still there, the constant talking from Hannah and talk over hosts and interrupter hosts are still there. Lolo too, wow she can interrupt and just keeps on talking over whomever she is on with. The loud screams or screeching from Kim is still there. Listen, we know it can't be easy getting in front of a camera for hours and talking about the products and sounding somewhat intelligent. I couldn't do it. But, if this were my job and I was trained, you bet your bippy I could do it and I would do it well. But, these hosts are experienced and some have been doing so for years. I believe we all think they should be better at what they do, and if there is room for improvement that customers notice, then management, you need to tell them. Some of their antics are hard to take and personally, I just change the channel to the other jewelry shows. Like today, Saturday July 2nd, Hannah is on. OMG! Seriously, her cuticles! :o Gross. Big hunks of skin hanging there. Now, that just shouldn't happen. In my opinion, that is just unacceptable. That happened about a week or so ago with Tenner too. Gross hands and nails. :shock: Ugh! I just don't see this stuff on the other channels I watch. I think this falls on management. In business, you are only as good as your employees.
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by BostonIrish » 1 month ago

I think one host at a time they don't need two!💑
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by Lulu » 1 month ago

You know the saying "You get what you pay for". These hosts are what SLC can afford. If they want more professional hosts, they'll need to lay down some cash.
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by Tocious » 1 week ago

How about just taking Kim off altogether. I cannot stand her and will not watch when she is on the air.
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by Teachergirl » 1 week ago

There's an old saying I heard many years ago which applies "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". No offense to monkeys! Why they insist on beaming in Dan Dennis is something I will never understand. I used to enjoy Sunday morning with Craig and Jessica and bought quite a few items. Not now.
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Re: Management pleeeeeze!!

Post by Blizzard » 15 hours ago

Great comments! All right to the point. Shop LC needs to hire new, young diverse professionals. I agree. Both Karen and Dan are retired. I was glad when they left. Two months later they are coming into our living rooms via satellite from their Florida homes. ENOUGH ALREADY! I cannot believe there are no young candidates to interview and conduct auditions for the network. The new guy Chris is good. It took him a few shows to get his act together. He does well now. However, you do not see him. He does two Late OWL shows each week and that is it. But Hunter (see Mumbles comment) is on every day. Sometimes 2 to 3 shows. One day he was on 3 times. Early morning - Mid afternoon - and again at night. 3 times of trying to figure out what he was saying. I also agree. One host is enough. They spend half the time screaming over one another. Cheryl Ells could be taken off the show altogether, and I would be very happy. She is obnoxious. Talk about screaming at the audience and wanting the camera on her the WHOLE show!

Time for an overhaul of the hosts!
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