Overnight price increases

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Overnight price increases

Post by Bella » 8 months ago

I put a few items, (3) as a matter of fact on my wishlist, a ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant. They all went up in price from $10-$30 overnight. Guess what? No coupons work! Why am I always either mad or just plain frustrated trying to shop from Shop LC? it just seems like you cannot get any good deals on anything anymore.
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Re: Overnight price increases

Post by FarmMom » 8 months ago

I know items presented on Live TV do go up in price within 24hrs of being presented. Seems like within 12 hrs the price is still the same, but after that it usually changes.

You could try checking the items price when you are not logged in to see if it's "just in your cart" that the item is higher. I've seen Amazon pull that stunt. You might be better keeping screenshots of items you like in a folder on your computer, then manually going to check on them. I always forget the original price anyway so can never remember if it's a good deal or not, lol.

I just bought a stunning orissa gardent pendant for $99. It had been on Live TV but the site was glitching so bad I couldn't order until almost 8 hrs later. On Live TV it had been listed as sold out, but clearly was not. Checking back the next morning, price was at $129.99, default price. So It did go up. Luckily I got mine for $99.

if you see it on auction, snag it up if it goes less than $99! It's a big flower/star burst pendent on a garnet bead chain.
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