Price Games

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Price Games

Post by Lacy » 1 year ago

Even on Fridays, they said on that the price on their sheet is higher. example 12.99 but he or she will go down to 9.99. As if they were going to get in trouble for lowering the prices. When you have the app open or the website. The price always goes to the lowest all the time before they drop it on air. So many games. Just lower the price without having additional callers, or saying they are low in stock buy it now. The best one is that they will get a call from them at home the next day and they won't answer the phone. ALL FOR US...RIGHT...
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Re: Price Games

Post by RubyTuesday » 1 year ago

Agreed. And do they really think the viewers are gullible enough to buy the crap about "need _____ buyers on the line" and then we will reduce the price? This is total BS. They know we cannot see how many callers are on the line - and we don't care. It's all a phony dramatic act from decades ago. I'm just waiting for them to bring out a clown horn (does anyone remember the old days when only Home Shopping CLUB was on the air and the host/ess would beep "Tootie"?) BTW, HSC would stay on the same item until their quota for that show was "sold out" before moving on. HSC/HSN/QVC plus the others all preview the items in the next hour's show and move on after a few minutes, then review what is still available.

Seems like ShopLC is moving back to the not-so-good-old-days like the original HSC - or the jewelry channel in Knoxville where Cheryl used to be.
I don't know if it is a cultural thing or if there is some incomprehensible marketing srategy, but I am sick to death of seeing the same item aired for 25 minutes.

SHOPLC - You are NOT going to wear us, the customers, down with all the ridiculous chatter, banter, and repetition. I smply change the channel, look at jewelry on other stations, and check back later to see if you have moved on yet. Is that what you hope to accomplish because you certainly do make it easy for me to shop your competitors at the same time!
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