Customer Service Victor is the Best

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Customer Service Victor is the Best

Post by BostonIrish » 1 year ago

I have been here for years. The best customer service rep is Victor so sweet will do everything to make things right. Shop L.C. you should give Him a raise without Him you would have lost me and many more as customers. Thank you Victor you are the Best keep up the great job you are doing. 🤗😇💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
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Re: Customer Service Victor is the Best

Post by D-Flawless » 1 year ago

I need Victor! I have been having the absolute WORST time with Customer Service lately! No one has the power to actually SOLVE an issue anymore…all they do is read from a “script” over and over and over until you either give up and hang up or you start getting angry and demand a Manager! It’s completely UNACCEPTABLE! The system gave me a $15 discount on something on Friday and then they canceled it after I checked out so I emailed that this is illegal! Six emails later and I still can’t get it resolved! I’ve been shopping here since the very beginning: April 2007 and have spent over $100,000 over the years and they don’t think my business is worth honoring a $15 discount! That says a LOT, doesn’t it?!? Recently I didn’t receive an item that was supposed to be in the package but I just took the loss rather than arguing with someone who refuses to help me! I also received an item that was destroyed because the person packing the box didn’t know what they were doing! Again I ate the loss because I don’t have the patience for their Customer Service people who have no clue how to “Service” the Customer! It has gotten really impossible lately….they used to be great but now all they do is read their “script” and if you get frustrated or angry they hang up on you! I love the hosts and most of the jewelry but heaven help us when there is a problem! I was recently told I had to return broken glass before I could get a refund! And a steamer that was obviously used and disgusting…all corroded!…even the box had water stains all over it! I refused to return it because it’s illegal to send me someone else’s disgusting return and it was a health hazard! I had to get completely angry before someone agreed to give me a refund…and I had sent pictures of the hideous mess I received! There’s no COMMON SENSE at ShopLC!!! I’m insulted at the way I am treated when there is a problem! Even after spending over $100,000! It makes zero sense!
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Re: Customer Service Victor is the Best

Post by RubyTuesday » 1 year ago

I do not waste much time on Customer Service if it is obvious that the person does not understand my issue -- or doesn't care. I try to give them a chance, but then I ask to speak with their supervisor. Don't waste your time on a script-reader when your problem is not common. Move it up the line to someone who might actually think and have customer service on their mind. No guarantee it will work, but I refuse to waste my time on something I know will be futile.
BTW - If I use online chat, I highlight and copy the entire conversation before signing off and paste it into a blank word document (or something similar) so I have a verbatim copy of exactly what was said, by whom, and when. It really helps when you can quote comments back to them.
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