Does shoplc have shills

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Does shoplc have shills

Post by henry » 3 months ago

I see on the auctions the same max bidders on the high price jewelry items. I wonder if Laurel for example, is a shill or an algorithm of shoplc to ensure that if any of these items are actually purchased, the winning bidder pays a high price?
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Re: Does shoplc have shills

Post by FarmMom » 3 months ago

I have often wondered this myself. And when items sell for MORE than what you can buy them online too . . .

But I have managed to snag some amazing deals for sure. But yes, all the gold and diamonds (good diamonds) are ALWAYS absurdly high. And honestly, I wouldn't risk buying anything expensive anyway and NOT being able to send it back . . . quality just isn't there consistently enough for me.

Although I DO sometimes make the mistake of shopping the clearance sales on TV and get stuck with whatever item isn't up to my standards :P
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