Saturdays smackdown

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Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

CaribbeanGirl wrote:
6 months ago
I sooooo agree with every thing every one has to say. This network has gotten so bad, I do not think it could ever be saved, it use to be a perfect 10, I could not stop watching it, I was addicted. I feel so BAD for the NEW customers that never got to see & experience the old Shop LC before they destroyed it all. It happened so fast, but I new it was coming, they kept talking about stainless steel all of the time, they pumped it & pumped it, just like they are doing with the gold chains. I do not know if anyone sits & thinks about it like I do. On a normal day they might present lets say 40 items, I should have counted a days worth before writing this, lets say all of the items are $300.00 to $800.00, lets say they sell just one each of the 40 item. lets say they sell 40 of the $500.00 items one day, that is $20,000 of product for one day. The way this country is today do you really think the people are sitting around the TV buying $500.00 rings all day? I just do not see it. I also wish they would give us more budget pays, I think $19.99 & up should be more budget pays. Do they not know that would help us & we could buy more items if we had MORE BUDGET PAYS. Other networks give 5 budget pays on $ 30.00 -- $40.00 items, why cant Shop LC?????? I just can not believe how much this network has changed, IT USE TO BE SO MUCH FUN. EVERYONE NOW IS SO UP TIGHT, I think it is because of the way the big wigs have changed this network. THERE IS NO MORE FUN THERE ANY MORE. Also why cant we have some different handbags to choose from, why is it always lizard, & alligator, what is wrong with pebbled leather, & they do not have to be big enough to put you kitchen sink in. Why dont we all start writing letters to them telling them we want more budget pays & any thing else that is on our minds. These emails just will not do it.Oh if we could go back 3 or 4 yrs. to the way Shop LC use to be, what a gift that would be. What is the big deal with the gold chains, I do not get it, they act like the chains are GOD, what is wrong with those people that run that network??
Honestly, tanzanite is a better investment than gold at the moment. GOOD tanzanite. you buy a $300 chain and MAYBE it will be worth $600 in 20 years. YEA! You just earned a whopping $300, lol! tanzanite though, you spend $2000 on a GREAT stone (not through ShopLc) and you may have an $8000 stone down the road. but it IS a risk. There actually HAVE been other countries with tanzanite . . . just nothing as big or as nice as tanzania. So there IS a chance it could be elsewhere not yet found . . .

regardless, a real investment costs some big cash. I wouldn't mind them selling gold-filled chains, but likely they'd claim they were pure gold or some other nonesense, lol. Gold filled is worth as much as gold plated, lol. Advantage is it doesn't wear through like plating does ;)
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