Does anyone find it werid that??

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Does anyone find it werid that??

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 1 year ago

Does anyone find it werid that this network has done a 360. When fuel prices went up they jacked their prices up some & not selling as much of the cheaper items. They have been zoning out the under $20 Tuesdays, then they start selling items that are $3,000 & more, what a crazy jump in priced items. It is like they are grasping for what ever they can get now, it is not to save you money like they keep saying. The only way you will save money with them is to not buy. I just find strange that they are selling these crazy high priced items in the U.S., but at the sister chanells in London & Germany they still are selling mostly items way under $100.00. We are just throwing money at them here, I think that is why. What does everyone else think??
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Re: Does anyone find it werid that??

Post by buyitall » 1 year ago

I totally agree! BTW…I have been shopping the other shopping networks all day today and getting great prices; budget pays; and many with free shipping! Last year I bought a lot of my Christmas presents from ShopLC and won quite a bit on the auction site. This year…maybe a couple of things bought here for gifts. I do not feel that my info is safe and protected here anymore. But thanks to the other networks I will be done with my shopping very soon!
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