I gotta say I love this . . .

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I gotta say I love this . . .

Post by FarmMom » 4 months ago

One of my FAV things bought so far, has been the blanket robe . . .

I'm not a blanket person (I sit on average 5 minutes at a time), but I will wrap them around my waist like a towel while I am working at my comnputer, lol.

I saw it on live tv and thought "gosh, that would solve my issue of being so cold in my office cabin."

So there are a few types . . .

mine is two-way, you can have a sort of robe with a hood and arms, or flip it around and the hood has a second hole to go over your head and a pocket on the 'front".

And it's soooo snuggly and soft! I did price them out online and no one had them as nice or as cheap ($37.99).

Mine has arms, one model had legs, but that sounds awful to me. Anyway, the blanket robe is absolutely my fav thing to wear working now! And it looks amazing too :D

Sadly they don't have it listed anymore, just the awful one with the legs :P BUT, if it ever comes back, snatch the sucker up!
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