Price Increases on Clearance Items

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Price Increases on Clearance Items

Post by Lynmarie » 1 month ago

I generally check Clearance Items about once a week on Shop LC's web site to see if I can find any items i would like to purchase most of the time $9.99 or under. I have really noticed increase prices on the $9.99 or under items some of these items they have increased to like over $10 to sometimes in the teen amounts more closer to under $20 ranges and even some higher than $20.
I have never seen this before up until the last 3 weeks, some use to be like under $5.99 for like hand lotions, hand washing soap etc.. because they had been on Clearance for a longer time and now they have been increasing those prices closer to $7.00 and over. I think this is just the start to not having Under $10 Fridays which I have heard people like LoLo & Chuck saying in the last few months. They have pretty well done away with Under $20 Tuesdays so I guess it won't surprise me!
I know I can't afford all of the high priced items they sell all of the time so if Under $10 Friday goes away so will was fun watching on Fridays because you could find some descent items that people could afford but I haven't had fun for the past year as much as I had two years ago when I first started watching!
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Re: Price Increases on Clearance Items

Post by FarmMom » 1 month ago

I agree, I bought a LOT of gifts for friends during their $10 under days. Many of those items are no longer sold, but similar items are being sold for much higher.

That, and I have yet to get the discount codes to work on items in my cart even though the items are NOT on sale currently . . .
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Re: Price Increases on Clearance Items

Post by buyitall » 1 month ago

I noticed the price increases on clearance items too! Had items I was wanted to purchase! Guess what? I bought NOTHING! How does this network even stay on air??
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Re: Price Increases on Clearance Items

Post by BostonIrish » 1 month ago

9.99 items are now 11.99.🤑
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