Did anyone else notice???

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Did anyone else notice???

Post by buyitall » 1 year ago

I was watching the hyalite opal show. My older sister walked through. The price for the ring was $99. I thought to myself that I’ll get her that for Christmas because she loved the ring! I couldn’t order right then because she was sitting right beside me. They moved on to the next item and she got up. I thought good…now I can order her the ring because her size was still available. Guess what?? On the web they had dropped a budget pay!! What? Did the hosts say that to get 5 budget pays you HAVE to order while on air?? Of course not! I even sent a message to let them know of the discrepancy so hosts could tell customers! It has been a while and still no mention of it! Well, I didn’t order the ring! It’s the principle of the thing! They should at least let customers know this! Am I surprised they haven’t?? No! I am not surprised at anything that goes on on this network!
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Re: Did anyone else notice???

Post by FarmMom » 1 year ago

It's likely the tech guys . . . they STILL cannot get the bugs worked out.

They had a nice tanzanite ring on for sale Sunday, a big ticket item, the kind my husband likes to buy. He kept trying to talk me into getting THAT one instead of getting my loose tanzanite mounted (it would be much cheaper and faster). But I know their tanzanite, and know it wouldn't look as good as my stone set in a mount.

The next day he went to think on it some more, and the ring was not listed correctly. It listed 5 available, but no sizes. How can you BUY something without a size listed? The next night they were advertising that they were going to do another show on that ring. So my husband waited. No show. I looked online and it STILL wasn't fixed. My husband had firmly planned to order it that night too, but out of luck.

It took 3 days for the tech guys to fix the ring listing. Of course its back to normal price, and the discount codes do NOT ally to tanzanite, despite the claim of "all items". I can't even imagine how many sales they lost thanks to THAT glitch. And still the glitches with their use of cookies taking you somewhere else . . .

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have TWO tanzanites. But their tanzanite is just not the high quality they claim, and the cut is awful. If I have the chance to wear fancy tanzanite, I want it to stop people in their tracks from 100ft away, lol. The stone I have is like a fireworks show (a non SLC stone).
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