What Has Happened to Friday's Under $10

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What Has Happened to Friday's Under $10

Post by Lynmarie » 3 months ago

Wow what has happened to Friday's Under $10 it is just NOT the same it has almost become boring with the same after same products being sold every Friday. Didn't watch for almost two hours and LOLO & Hunter have only sold four products by checking on Live TV the last items sold.. they must have stayed on the Christmas blankets for a long time...I use to have actual fun watching on Friday's and NOW it is the same ol' thing even right before Christmas. I really don't get it unless they are dwindling down Under $10 products and enthusiasm to discontinue having Under $10 Friday's. Bah Humbug! :roll: :shock:
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Re: What Has Happened to Friday's Under $10

Post by FarmMom » 3 months ago

I've noticed that most days seem to be "recycling" items not fully sold out. If you scroll through recently aired items, it's usually the same 15 things . . .

The LOWEST price I've seen on anything recently is $9.99, previously you could get things for even $5.99 (of course shipping was $4.99, lol). I'm glad I got stocked up last spring on presents and stocking stuffers, lol
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