New Tanzanite Deposit Found

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New Tanzanite Deposit Found

Post by FarmMom » 1 year ago

We've heard it for a good year now, that tanzanite is mined out and no longer being found. We know that's not true, but is only true for the block that SLC gets their supply from (either B or C block, can't remember). That block is said to be done.

Anyway, that's not what I am referring to. A bit over a year ago, a NEW tanzanite deposit was found, in another part of Africa. Now, be prepared, certainly either this post will be deleted, or hosts will try to claim that the new deposit is tiny, or poor quality, or a hoax, etc etc.

From what I remember reading, its producing GEM QUALITY stones in good size and clarity. Since it's only just been discovered, full mining is not yet commencing. But it does make you wonder how rare Tanzanite really will continue to be.

Maybe that's why Shop LC pushes it so hard . . . trying to unload all their inventory before prices begin to fall in the next few years. I don't know.

Also a friendly reminder that Turkizite is not collectable. In the rest of the gem world it's non existent, and NO it's NOT the same as Czarite (like Shop LC claims).

For lack of a better explanation, Turkizite is black market gems. Stuff that wasn't suppossed to sell but was snatched illegally, OR, is a DIFFERENT diopside from a DIFFERENT country (diopside is found all over the world, but Turkey has the single best source). Since SLC claims it comes from Turkey, I can only then assume it's a black market gem. It's worthless as an investment and you are likely loosing money as they generally sell it quite high.

If you google "Turkizite" online, you only find another forum where another Shop LC buyer asks about it. The real gem experts then inform her the sad news.

See this article below for a bit of info on it:

Zultanite, now known as Csarite, is mined in a bauxite rich deposit in the Anatolian Mountains of central Turkey. The beauty of this gemstones is that is comes from a single source, much like Tanzanite. It is natural, untreated and has one of the most amazing color changing characteristics of any natural gemstone.

So Zultanite and Csarite ARE Diaspore
Yes and no. You must understand that Zultanite and Csarite are trademarked names and belong to a brand. While the mineral is Diaspore, there are some major differences.

It is mined in one location only ensuring ethical distribution

Each gemstone is beautifully cut and graded to ensure only the best quality gems will be able to carry the name Zultanite or Csarite

Zultanite and Csarite can only be purchased from selected distributers that are hand selected. If someone tried to sell you Csarite ask them for their certificate of representation before purchasing.

An Analogy For The Turkish Delight
Lets take a Big Mac for example made by McDonalds. This is Zultanite or Csarite. If you were to create the exact same burger at home and tried to sell it you could not call it a Big Mac. That name is trademarked and given only to a burger who is made under strict guidelines using specific ingredients. Diaspore and Zultanite / Csarite are exactly the same. If you have a Diaspore that looks exactly the same as Zultanite or Csarite it is not able to be called that because it did not come from the company who produces that gem."

It IS true, that if you look up the real stones, they do appears much different than what ShopLC displays. The company ONLY keeps the best quality stones and cuts them all themself. The others are thrown away, but likely scavenged by locals and sold off to gem buyers. They hold no real value other than that of a normal diopside.

The same holds true for ANY of their other stones . . . many are treated, and sometimes that treatment is "normal" and sometimes it's looked down upon. Such as neon Apatite. or Sleeping Beauty, or colored diamonds. Shop LC does a GOOD JOB of telling us the coloring of the diamons is NOT natural, but the other stones they quietly sweep the info under the rug and pretend it's real or normal.

Any vivid blue tanzanite UNDER 4 carats should be avoided, and likewise any vivid blue stone that doesn't display a firework array of glimmering should be avoided. Tanzanite is now being treated (I have said this before but it was deleted) with a special blue dye, applied to a very tiny rim near the top of the stone. This is being done more and more with lower quality SMALL stones (which hold little value anyway) but has recently begun happening to larger, lighter colored stones to make then APPEAR vivid blue. Essentially, turning a $400 stone into one that looks like an $1,000 stone. The blue rim reflects a blue hue around the inside of the stone making it deeper, but in the process it clouds the amount of light passing through, pretty much erasing the natural sparkle effect.
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Re: New Tanzanite Deposit Found

Post by colljoe » 1 year ago

Did hear from another station that a new deposit was found. Depending on how much comes out, it will bring the price of Tanzanite down.
I was fortunate enough to have purchased a Csarite 3 stone ring with diamonds, many years ago and it is stunning. The color change is awesome and I do cherish this ring. The jewelers who used to be on Evine, (now called ShopHQ), did talk about the name and history. They've had top notch jewelers on ShopHQ, and Chuck used to be one of them selling his upscale line. Now his son Blake is back there selling their line.
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Re: New Tanzanite Deposit Found

Post by Margui » 1 year ago

I hope this new deposit make top quality Tanzanite affordable for many customers. color][/b]
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