Under 10 dollar Friday

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Under 10 dollar Friday

Post by Crystal-lover » 1 week ago

I tuned into Under 10 Friday show yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. They had many lovely pieces in their presentations. I think Shop Lc is coming back with the under 10 days. The presentations were good and I found some really lovely pieces. I went on the website and found lots of lovely pieces as well. I really hope Shop LC continues with these better days!
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Re: Under 10 dollar Friday

Post by BostonIrish » 1 week ago

I must say I have been here for 8 years and they had really beautiful items over the years. They do not have anything like that now. 😪
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Re: Under 10 dollar Friday

Post by FarmMom » 1 week ago

BostonIrish wrote:
1 week ago
I must say I have been here for 8 years and they had really beautiful items over the years. They do not have anything like that now. 😪
Boston . . . it seems no one has every tried it, but there IS an option to add a photo to your message. I would LOVE to see your favorite pieces and what you paid "back in the day"!

I will be the "first", lol!

I am attempting to attach a photo of my fav Shop LC piece bought for $67 with coupon online. The other photo is of a lot of Moonstones and laborite (both feldspar minerals) that I bought elseweher shipped from Thailand for $30 out the door total (took 10 days). The moonstones have a decent glow but best in daylight, not morning cabin light, lol.

The last photo is my newest addiction . . . gem quality faceted moonstones . . . for whatever crazy reazon, I got this idea I was going to start crafting real gem jewelry to sell at our U-Cut Christmas tree farm in a few years, and the Moonstone line will be called "Christmas Ice:, or something wintery like that. I'll even trade mark the name, hahaha. This stone I won at auction (a gem site) for JUST $2!!!!!!!! They normally sell for $150 on the low end, to $500 on the high end. It's due to arrive this week, so I can't wait.

*****Side note, I won two moonstone rings at auction (I have a sick addiction to moonstones for some reason) and they really did look like the photos online, the stone quality was certainly no worse than the group of stones you see in the photo. I had bought thinking I'd swap stones, but decided I'll just keep them :)

And I may or may not have also bid on and won at least 4 others on the gem site as well that are ready to be shipped, lol....

You know, the $10 Fridays were really was coaxed me into opening my purse. I have ALWAYS been very tight fisted with money. By showing me things I can buy for friends and family for gifts, I was INSTANTLY hooked on buying people stuff. Still am now... It gave me a reason to keep watching and learning.

It was like a gateway drug to a very serious addiction . . . maybe because no one had ever bought me jewelry, or considered me worth enough to spend that kind of money on, or maybe it was because I am AWFUL at growing flowers so instead I "wear" rock flowers that never die, lol, or maybe it's having a great sense of appreciation for yet ANOTHER marvelous creation by God . . .

I walked in the other day to show my husband my moonstone rings and he stared at me and said "You have a serious problem . . . you are ADDICTED to buying jewelry!"

And then he was quiet for a minute and said "Well . . . I guess I should be glad . . . there are worse things you can collect and spend your money on . . "

Like possom furs, raccon furs or roadkill deer hides, which are free, but I do collect. True story, I threw my back out trying to stuff a 4 day old roadkill deer into the backseat of my car to take home. It was heavy and apparently I need to weight lift a bit more. And NO ONE offered to stop and help me shove it in . . . can't believe it.. I went back the next morning with a trailer (easier to drag it onto) and some other lucky soul had already taken it :(

I had planned to turn it into an Assquatch . . . . if you don't know what that is, look it up . . . just hit the bathroom first, you'll be laughing pretty hard!

***EDITED*** I was given the message that all photos must be approved by the moderator FIRST. So since there really isn't one, I decided to copy the post I had written and post it WITHOUT photos . . . . and that must be why we never see photos on here sadly . . .

But here is a link to the first $2 moonstone I bought: https://www.gemrockauctions.com/auction ... ne-2063074
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Re: Under 10 dollar Friday

Post by Bella » 1 week ago

Just a word of warning posting pictures from other retailers can get you banned from the forum. Just a heads up. Many “ former” members were banned a few years back (many posted pictures then) when a individual who had a Etsy account posted pictures of some jewelry, it was a lifetime ban, so be careful!
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