My Loose Stones Arrived - My Thoughts

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My Loose Stones Arrived - My Thoughts

Post by FarmMom » 7 months ago

After much waiting, my loose gemstones have slowly begun arriving in the mail! My first set of stones had arrived, I have three of those so far, and with the exception of 1 that I paid $75 for (did NOT look like photo), all the others were under $20 for stunning specimans. Again, I won't say what stone those are that I had been on a mission to buy, just in case ShopLC decides to start carryign them, but I can tell you the other stones since they DO carry those.

Gems had all been bought on a different website, but I have a variety of SAFE shipping options to choose from (not just postal). And UNLIKE ShopLC, I can combine multiple items into ONE paid shipping charge. So when I bid on my special stone, I would also bid on other random stones if they were cheap enough. That way, it was well worth the shipping charge.

Yesterday my blue stones arrived. Two stunning London Blue Topaz and a blue zircon. The Topaz I paid $19 and $11 for and the zircon was $19.

I had first gotten on the idea when I had seen ShopLc selling their own loose Topaz for a bit over $200.

Here is a picture of my stone: ... 47-2075247

It looks even better in person. I bought two, one for me and one for my sister in memory of my Grandmother who ALWAYS had tons of blue topaz jewelry (her birthstone), but when she died my uncle took all of it. SO these stones will be set into pedants for each of us to remember her by :)

Fun fact, topaz is only RARELY found in nature as blue, most commonly in yellow, brown and white. In the 1970's they figured out how to irradiate it and turn it blue, so very few blue specimens exist prior to 1970. I'm guessing my grandpa began buying it all up when it was first released. Even though he was an uneducated farmer, he was a smart cookie and did exceptionally well with his investments and stock trading, as well as his farming business.

Anyway, these two "low dollar" topaz that arrived yesterday were cut far superior to the high dollar tanzanite Shop LC sent me last year. And only cost me $10 to ship the three of them together, lol.
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