This should be interesting

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This should be interesting

Post by FarmMom » 1 year ago

Anyone notice their proposed shipping timelines on live TV?

"receive your item in 3-5 days"

What now? Even hosts still saying you can order and receive by Valentines day (at least wednesday I saw this, didn't watch much thursday or friday).

I find that shocking since we KNOW how good they are at sending stuff out.. How many people are going to order and be furious when an item doesn't arrive in time?

I mean, how many of us ordered items FOR Valentines day and either they have not arrived or were cancelled?? (raises hand).

And expedited shipping only means it might arrive 1 day sooner... I just dont understand why they set themselves up for failure..
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Re: This should be interesting

Post by Bella » 1 year ago

I ordered 2 bracelets and a ring early last week and they kept saying they would arrive before Valentine’s Day, I new they wouldn’t. Only 2 of the items will arrive on Valentines 💝 day. The other item who knows? I guess they consider a Valentine’s Day arrival sufficient!
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