Same Games, no Surprise

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Same Games, no Surprise

Post by FarmMom » 3 months ago

Hi, my name is FarmMom, and I have been ShopLC clean for 4 weeks now . . .

It's been a struggle at times, I admit . . . but they have been making it less appealing each time I want to make a purchase..

I had been watching some gemstone necklaces for a month or two or three now, and had considering buying a BUNCH for my jewelry store (in the future). The price for most was at $9.99, except for two were were a bit higher. Then they aired them on LiveTV for the SAME PRICE as it had been online for months. Well fime, I'll wait until the week is over, wait for a good coupon and then buy them up.

Nope, the price on ALL of them skyrocketed $5 more. What the what?! Just WHY? They HAD been at $9.99 for MONTHSSSSS. I've had a few other items in my cart like this too. It would go up $20 one week and then down the next.


On a side note, they are also watching you..... or well, I mean READING you. All the hosts, including Tony. They read this forum, and they read reviews on the site. I can't tell you HOW many times I've been watching, and a host will bring up something I've said or a review i made and talk about how incorrect it is, blah blah blah. Some even from a YEAR ago, still being mentioned. I JUST heard another one brought up last night, that left me shaking my head.

For a while Tony's favorite game was picking apart my reviews on his Tanzanite, lol.

But just watch, i'll put a few posts up over the next few days and SEE if any of them bite... might take them a week or more, but they will!
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