Possom For Dinner

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Possom For Dinner

Post by FarmMom » 3 months ago

Technically it's "opossom" since 'possom" refers to an Austrailian variety of similar mammal...

But I figured, with the approaching giant snow/ice storm, I should drop everyone a meal idea in case they get shut in.

Possom . . . . the other, other, other white meat!

While not normally considered dinner due to their resemblence of a rat, their meat is more similar to a rabbit or a squirrel, or, dark meat chicken.

The good news is, they have VERY healthy populations so you have no fear of threatening the ecosystem!

You just set a live trap outside with a bit of cat food (I don't recommend eating cats as they don't have much meat and it's more effort than it's worth) and in just one day you'll have one! The bigger the better!

You simply dispatch it any way you wish (just be sure using lead is legal in your area . . . aka the city), bleed it out then get to work skinning and gutting. For easy tips, watch chicken butchering videos if you are not familiar with the process. Just don't dunk it into hot water and try to pluck off the fur . . .

You could also find a video on processing meat rabbits . . . might be best! This will also show you how to cut the parts for meat.

You could cook it just like a rabbit, but my FAVORITE dish is INDIAN!! Google any good REAL chicken marsala recipe, and cut up the meat like you would debone a chicken and stew it low and slow in a crockpot overnight. Add a bit more fresh ground cinnimon and coconut cream and a bit of sugar the next day.

If you are concerned, bring a dish to your neighbors first and watch their eyes light up. Best thing you'll ever taste!

I wonder if Anker has tried possom curry??

You're welcome. You now have something to occupy your mind during the storm ;D
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