Make them stop!

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Re: Make them stop!

Post by FarmMom » 7 months ago

Greeneyesbluesighs wrote:
7 months ago
If they want to offer gold great! If I want a gold piece I can go look for it. It all looks pretty much the same so there’s no need to inundate us with long, drawn out presentations of all these gold pieces that look the same. After too much one’s eyes tend to glaze over.
And nothing here have I ever purchased for an investment and never will be. I buy something from here if I like it.
Ha! So true! You walk out of the room for 15 minutes and come back and - wait . . . is that the SAME item or something different? or 2 hrs later . . . you NEVER know anymore!

You know, come to think of it, there are LOTS of different chains I DON'T ever see them carry/offer. Like those solid circle gold/silver thick wire necklaces that are perfect for large pendants, and so many others. BUT, it's because they are offering for a large scale vendor who only carries the main type of chains.

I still don't understand what happened to their manufacturing facilities . . . are they just renting them out now?
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