Stacy's Snoozefest under $10 Friday was just awful :(

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Re: Stacy's Snoozefest under $10 Friday was just awful :(

Post by MaeWest1953 » 4 months ago

CaribbeanGirl wrote:
4 months ago
Cheers to Maewest1953, Farmmon & ALL of the others that agree with what we talk about on this forum. I thought the same thing about Ms. K. She was off a long time. A Lot longer than the usual time off, I think it was over a month. I never could watch Stacie, or Deanna, too fake. How about when Hunter works with LOLO, he can not get a word in, EVER. Her & the baby talk.
Oh CarribeanGirl......
You are too funny about Lolo, I saw them just a couple of days ago and she didn't shut up for nothing!!
Poor Hunter was trying like heck to say some information about the item they were selling and all she wanted to do was talk about personal experiences!
He tried to interrupt and she virtually told him "to just wait till she was done saying what she was sharing"
Sadly what she was contributing was not was look at me in this outfit and she yakked for something like 5 minutes!!

Fake is a perfect word for D and S.....thanks for standing by us crazy gals who just like to have fun here :)
I HAVE MISSED SEEING YOU.....hope you are feeling better
Yuppers, I am thinking someone had cosmetic work done.....I turned the station to see what was selling and there she was, SWAYING BACK AND FORTH in the chair, and making those scary mouth movements
I felt bad for her cause she looked so uncomfortable and didn't seem thrilled to be there
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