BALI's looks so pretty, YAY or NAY please

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Re: BALI's looks so pretty, YAY or NAY please

Post by FarmMom » 6 months ago

MaeWest1953 wrote:
6 months ago
Good evening Serge, Lah2001, Lacy and FarmMom........

Thank you all for the great comments, experiences and feelings on Bali :)
I too like the critters that they make with their pieces.....very cute and interesting
Not sure if I mentioned this but I don't ever see any other shopping channel selling it.....I don't watch JTV either
So if JTV is the only place that sells Bali Silver then I would not be seeing the costly items they sell

I really appreciate all the good comments I have received from everyone, I watch the shows but can't take any chances of buying something I know nothing about except from what the Host say
That is ok for many items but this line is entity of it's own as you all know :)
I hear ya Mae! In the "old days" we'd look at reviews . . . but now that's not an option, so this is our only last hope, hahaha!
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