Are ShopLC shoes good quality?

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Are ShopLC shoes good quality?

Post by MaeWest1953 » 4 months ago

Well I always have wanted to try a few of the shoes they sell but just am leary because if we don't like them then we are stuck paying the return shipping and in many cases our refund is subtracted for re-stock fees
I have had to return other items because the quality wasn't what it showed on TV and have learned ShopLC has a way of using filters to make colors, fabric etc. seem more appealing :(

Then when the item shows up the product is not good and I return it and my refund is not 100% returned :(
Have any of you purchased their clogs, boots etc.?
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Re: Are ShopLC shoes good quality?

Post by MayFlowers » 4 months ago

I'm wondering this too. I've been eyeing the jelly flats. Hope someone can chime in who has made the purchase.
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