Clearance price or regular price?

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Clearance price or regular price?

Post by Sea » 4 months ago

Beware not everything is a good deal, I’ve seen some products that they claim is cheap and I remember the product on before and it’s maybe $2.00 cheaper now big whoop 😂😂😂 plus remember we can’t return these sale products.
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Re: Clearance price or regular price?

Post by Lanai » 4 months ago

Sea. Your certainly right about that. Many items are even priced higher in clearance than were sold previously. I like to listen to the background chatter because that Network is Definitely Unique in every way. Never know what's going to be said or happen. But I have pretty well quit purchasing their merchandise, mainly because I don't trust them, but I definitely will not make a purchase that can't be returned. They would sell more if they allowed Clearance Returns, like the other large Shopping Networks. That alone tells me that its mostly junk that hasn't sold during the 100's of Clearance Sales and/ or Returns, so they know they would have to return more money than what they actually made.
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Re: Clearance price or regular price?

Post by MaeWest1953 » 4 months ago

I have to agree with you Sea and Lanai.....

What gets me is the shipping goes up another dollar also!
I will see a few good buys but I don't need most of it plus I am leary of some of the Jade and stones
Tonight while watching Hunter selling a python purse he was going on about how no one has the prices that ShopLC has on their bags
He claimed that the same bag they were selling at $199.00 is selling elsewhere for $10,000 or more

How can that be...come on!! I can't believe that this company is going to lose that much money on any item they are trying to sell
The selling tactics are getting way over the top....I guess they think we are not noticing the switcheros and other shenanigans :roll:
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Re: Clearance price or regular price?

Post by FarmMom » 4 months ago


Some items go up on Clearance, some stay the same, and a very select few actually go down (such as the necklace I bought, should arrive any day). And again, the ONLY reason I bought it was because I had watched it for nearly a year and just couldn't justify almost $100 for it, and knew the lowest price it had previously sold for.

I think sometimes they even bring in NEW items JUST for these events . . .
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