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SHOPLC In the News

Post by FarmMom » 4 months ago

I don't recall what I had been looking for when I found it, but apparently ShopLC is MOVING.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, they landed a very major deal a few years ago to build a massive warehouse and create thousands of jobs for a small suburban area outside of the big City. they are UNDER CONTRACT to complete the build there AND hire a set number of locals.

Likely this is why the more recent push for gold (outside sellers) and Modani (also outside seller) and less from their indian manufacturing facilities. So, our guess at a possible financial hardship is likely correct, since the build is to be completed by 2024 and is costing millions.

You can google "austin news shoplc to build" and pull it up.

Looks like the studios are moving, but it sounds like the issues we've had will not be over for quite some time . . .
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Re: SHOPLC In the News

Post by MaeWest1953 » 4 months ago

Hello FarmMom....

I actually made a post about that move a couple of years ago on here :)
That move has been in the works for some time and supposed to be great for the area

Thanks for reminding us and yes I agree with you....they are pushing to get rid of inventory
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