Fashion Day

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Fashion Day

Post by MayFlowers » 3 months ago

I finally caught a fashion day with Hannah and Karen yesterday! Love them, so great. I don't even like cowboy boots but the floral embroidery on those presented is so gorgeous. I think I would wear them in either a short bootie style or an over the knee style, I can't really do mid-calf. I still am in love with the white dress and denim jacket combo I got 4 of from ShopLC after Hannah modeled the outfit. I literally got proposed to at a gas station in that outfit, it is so pretty (I am already married, but there was a random guy in the parking lot who told me to marry him). I hope to see more outfits like this.
Then I got to see Jessica and Dionne briefly before I had to run. They were dressed cute and they were enthusiastic!
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Re: Fashion Day

Post by MaeWest1953 » 3 months ago

Hi Mayflowers.......

I agree with you about Hannah and Karen, such a class act!!
They dress so nicely and screaming, and me, me,me attitudes!
The top that Hannah was wearing was pretty !!
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Re: Fashion Day

Post by joshuatheemerald » 3 months ago

I am one of few probably male fans of home shopping but it was something my mother and sisters all like(d), so I have continued watching… and over the past year or two since I have discovered LC, I find I watch more for the “you never know what you’re gonna get” aspect of their programming. Good and bad. Lol.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I remember Karen from years ago in other networks and I enjoy her. I think her pairing with Hannah is genius, as a sort of bridging the generations. I often can think of buying something for one of my sisters and or also for my nieces who are younger like Hannah. I used to think Hannah was too loud but I think it was her mic not being adjusted by their tech people. But regardless she knows her stuff and seems like she does her research. She gives great facts. Watch her with Karen and it’s a great combo. Watch her with C (male) on Friday mornings and it’s clear he is relying on Hannah to tell the facts . Also love Jessica, very professional and adaptable to anyone she works with. Some other good ones that I enjoy, but just wanted to chime in and echo your sentiments!
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Re: Fashion Day

Post by Lanai » 3 months ago

Hi everyone,
I hate that I missed out on a dress and jean jacket combo, obviously wasn't watching. I also don't wear Cowboy Boots but liked the Honey colored with strap at the ankle and with the Cross stitching, the ones that Karen said she was ordering in the black. Cute. I ended up not ordering because I didn't know for sure about the * of these types of boots and didn't want the hassle of a
Return, always takes to long to get a refund. So cute though, kinda having regret now. I agree with you guys that Hannah and Karen are a great team and Dionne and Jessica always look good and are great hosts. CC can't stand when he is not the center of attention, I wonder when he's going to throw a tantrum to get a special graphic like Tony and Dan have, and now that Matt, who is basically fairly new, as a host for ShopLC and already has his own special smackdown music, you know that has to have him all worked up. Sit back and watch the drama unfold. Better than reality TV.....
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