Why not?

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Re: Why not?

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PearlGirl wrote:
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Ladies unlike this site I dont censor what you or anyone else buys into when I said I I meant I as in me not you not other cultures me I dont buy into the dragon stuff that is an offense to not just me but to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if you read the Bible you would know that He calls the devil the dragon. You are free to do as you please that's your beeswax not mine speaking for myself only I dont ok? I dont follow what man does I follow what God does its Him I care about not offending because its God that will keep my bacon out of the fire not man. And no matter what the Chinese or anyone else thinks about dragons they can cuddle up with one for all I care that is a symbol of the devil to God I dont know maybe you dont think the devil is evil either way that's you not me. Not trying to be rude or anything just sayin is all. As for being Catholic? I used to be but I am a born again believer now so... Check out what that is you might just like it. Peace and love to you both. Thank you and good bye. :)
As I said, I'm agnostic. I don't believe the devil even exists.

You know, I could go on, but I don't think a jewelry forum is the appropriate place to discuss religion in depth or proselytize.
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