Shocking? or maybe Not Really . . .

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Shocking? or maybe Not Really . . .

Post by FarmMom » 3 months ago

Ok hosts, I know you read these, so this one is for YOU too.

(I know, a rarity!)

There is a site called Glassdoor . . . it allows you to rate your employer and they CANNOT delete it (unlike other sites SLC likes to dictate).

They CAN however push people to leave POSITIVE reviews which I think has been the case if you read them . . .

But read the majority, and it paints a picture, a very sad one. It also lists pay too and addresses many of the thoughts we've had.

I DO have to warn you, it won't let you look unless you create an account and leave a review of your current employer. Just pick something dumb from when you were a kid . . .

I wonder if perhaps the ladies were given special bonuses to wear low cut shirts . . .
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Re: Shocking? or maybe Not Really . . .

Post by MaeWest1953 » 3 months ago

Oh boy FarmMom!

Sounds interesting, now I have to find time to read it and that is not easy :roll:
I finally am getting rid of the headache so I can visit with you all but now behind in my duties for today.....ugh
So how I am reading your post; this site shows the salaries of shopping channel host etc?

Also I am guessing if someone is rating their Employer wouldn't that be a dangerous thing to do if the rating is not favorable? lol
Then the clothes issue, is that place stating ideas on how to ramp up a person's sales or what?
Thanks for the post.......:)

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