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Post by William » 3 months ago

OMG Bella --- You had TORNADOS in NORTHEN Ohio!!!! Thats TERRIBLE -- Thats not normal -- I don't think? GLAD You are OK !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully that will NOT happen again???

A hurricane is awful -- water water & MORE water -- & Boy Water can be DESTRUCTIVE!!!! With a Tornado however --- there may NOT be anything left to fix!!!!

I HOPE Everyone is well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care Y'All --------- Thanks !!! -----William
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Post by Rolltide » 3 months ago

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Post by Bella » 3 months ago

William hi! Yes, we do get tornados occasionally, this year has been worse than ever. Lately they seem to come off the shores of Lake Erie. (where I live) we have had some homes with damage but no one has been hurt. In the last month or two we’ve had like 10 tornados but it has not been a hot summer. In the far northwest of the state tornados do spawn up because of the large open fields. So yes unfortunately tornadoes can happen anywhere in the state.
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