So... Does clearance mean "Gone forever?"

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So... Does clearance mean "Gone forever?"

Post by GemfArMooom » 9 months ago

Ok, so they are doing yet another clearance event.

I here Uncle fester continually say "I have never seen this one before, this one must be new!". If it's new, why is it on clearance?

Also, if it's suppossedly to "clear out remaining merchandise and there are limited amounts, that means it's gone forever, right?

I mean, I KNOW certain items have been cleared off and discontinued, but lets stick to ONE story..... if this is clearance make sure it's gone never to return!

So all that tanzanite, rubelitte, etc etc, being presented, gone. Gold? GONE.

It likely won't though ...

Hmm... kinda interesting since they also had a forum clearance! And like their gold....... 8-) 8-)

Oh, and one more thing. So I keep tossing this one around in my head..

Alexandrite is a "color changing" gemstone, right? In certain light wavelengths it changes color. MY understanding is going from sunlight to indoor light, or incadescent to LED.

Why does SLC not SHOW this?? I don't think I have EVER seen them show a color change from Incadescent to LED or outdoor, although if I remember, they have with their "turkizite".....
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Re: So... Does clearance mean "Gone forever?"

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 9 months ago

To GemfArmooom,

I have been reading this forum for a while now and decided to jump in and yak once in a while
You asked some good questions
It's been interesting watching the new hosts and I am wondering why shoplc is getting more people

I think I saw a presentation on a stone that changed colors about a week ago but I am bad with memory of the names of them
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