Last Saturday night with Michele

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Re: Last Saturday night with Michele

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 4 months ago

Koalagirl wrote:
4 months ago

Sorry, meant Deanna.
Hi again Koalagirl.....

Oh.....I see now and believe me I totally understand what you are saying and concur ;)
I am going to tag RoseyRuby in this answer because she posted a comment wondering if perhaps you were saying Dionne, cause she asked if this person was the one with a military family member

So RoseyRuby; I also saw that Daniel Green was back in Minnesota, I was surprised....he is such a nice guy
As for Stacy she is gone and I will leave it at that or I will get blasted from a certain current host friend of hers for any comment I say regarding her
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Re: Last Saturday night with Michele

Post by RoseyRuby » 4 months ago

Yes, I guess it was Deanna. What about Annaka? I used to like watching her with Cheryl in the early a.m. That is weird about Daniel Green. I've seen him on infomercials selling pots and pans, when he left the MN channel for a bit. Then he turned up on ShopLC for about a month, then back to MN!! Another one who seemed to move around a lot was Libby something or another. I saw her on the TN (?) Jewelry channel and then gone. Some of the former hosts on the MN channel are also selling as reps for other companies on the FL channel. Strange how they go back and forth. I don't think I could handle all that moving!
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