Lovery Bath and Body Products

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Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by Lanai » 3 months ago

Hello Everyone, Hope everybody has had a good week. Just wanted to give a heads up on the Lovery Bath and Body Products offered by Matt and Hannah during the 6pm CT hour.
I looked up info on this Brand and the "Real Average Pricing." Also, checked the pricing on the Actual Brand Online Website. It appears that although the Couple who began this Company are located in the USA, they are using a manufacturing and production company located in China. I had to look up this Info because I did send these 2 Hosts a Direct Message, Asking if these products were Organic and if they were manufactured in the
Obviously, I received No Response to this Question, which is what they all do when they don't want to say on Air "Certain Information" to Customers watching live on TV.
I am not saying these products may not be good products just stating the facts, as well, as the fact of the obviously grossly inflated current pricing on every one of these different items offered from this Company.
All you have to do is Google the Companies Website and they have numerous different Bath and Body Gift Sets in different Configurations , including the exact same ones that LC were offering, including the 2023 Christmas Advent Calendar, except their prices were not anywhere near what LC claimed the Company, itself was selling these items. In fact, if anyone is interested in any of the products, the Lovery Website has them as well as many other sets on sale on their own website, with Free U S Shipping and Coupon Code for 25% off, including sale prices. This brings these items to a lower price than LC offered them for and many other sets to pick from, not just the ones offered by LC. BTW, the Code does work, I tried it just to see on the Advent Calendar, but never proceeded with processing. The Company also, along with the Coupon Code on their website, are offering a 15% discount for Signing Up for Emails. I did not try this because I have no interest in purchasing their products and don't want yet another Company bombarding my Email daily, you all know what I mean, Emails from Companies that really won't let you ,actually, Unsubscribe, but continue to send countless Emails from not only the one originally signed up for but all their affiliate Companies. It maybe possible, if anyone is interested and want to give it a try to get both the 15% off plus use the 25% Coupon Code discount and double down savings for the same order. Coupon Code is: THANKS It is posted on the top of website. They also offer Interest Free PayPal Budget Pay Option as well as ShopPal and Venmo pay options along with acceptance, of course, of most Credit Cards.
As, I have said, I know nothing about the Product Quality of this Brand, I am not interested because I don't use Skincare, Bath and Body products from China, not judging anyone who may, I just don't.
What I don't like is people being Deceived and taken Advantage of. I have learned to always check the true price of offered "Closeouts" as well as basically everything. Sad, yet true. I truly believe that this will ultimately be the Downfall of LC, as the Truth is Always brought to Light, Eventually. Nowhere to hide forever, the bigger you are the harder you fall.
In reference:(the bragging about all these New Shopping Networks in other Countries and according to,"UF Steve," a 2nd Network in London that recently has been opened)
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Re: Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by Rolltide » 3 months ago

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Re: Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by GemfArMooom » 3 months ago


Thankyou for this info! I am also sick of the overly inflated schemes of SLC pricing. It's one thing to quote a local jeweler's price and then their own, but the overly exaggerated games they play is exhausting.

Worse when it happens on EVERY product.
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Re: Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by colljoe » 3 months ago

Thanks Lanai for the info. I too have never liked this type of "beauty product" as they are always cheap ingredients. It's someone's idea of starting a business, getting from China, and then packaging it with a cute basket of some sort. I have received similar as a gift once many years ago, from a well meaning business acquaintance, but promptly threw it away. Don't buy guys, really, they are very cheap, and not good for your skin, IMHO.
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Re: Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by joshuatheemerald » 3 months ago

One thing that does somewhat bother me is that because LC does not use the brand representatives for a lot of these beauty products, it really feels difficult for the customer to decide what is “real” about what the host is saying because, as was discussed on another thread, a good amount of the LC hosts are obviously cycling through the same statements they say about everything and LC as a whole over exaggerates everything (like the comparable price value or the BUY GOLD NOW or Pennies On The Dollar..). With a cream or liquid you put on your skin, it’s so hard to know what you’re actually getting. There are a few hosts I do trust, they are well
Spoken and never try to scare me into buying. But Mr. C + K are often selling beauty products or skin care or CBD and they obviously know nothing about what they’re saying.
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Re: Lovery Bath and Body Products

Post by MayFlowers » 3 months ago

Advent calendars are so tempting for me. Lush USA, Charlotte Tilbury, all the luxury store advent calendars look so nice. And yet the actual products you receive in them are tiny and overpriced. So you are paying for the packaging which ultimately will be thrown in the trash.
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