SLC Shungite VS EMF

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SLC Shungite VS EMF

Post by WTFarmGirl » 2 months ago

This morning they were having Hunter present Shungite, and he was talking about it blocking EMF and computer radiation, etc.

He mentioned how he downloaded an ap onto his phone and was able to see how it blocked the local EMF. So I got curious, and downloaded the top rated ap for Android.

And guess what?

IT DIDN'T. Not only did my shungite necklace NOT block the EMF, it ACTUALLY RAISED IT. It's a thick beaded necklace with a medallion too.

So I decided to test the terahertz. While the terahertz did NOT raise it, is also did NOT lower it.

BUT, one item DID lower it . . .. my heavy beaded black tourmaline necklace! It dropped it significantly actually.

I only have the one necklace from SLC, but I KNOW there are different qualities of Shungite, and PERHAPS that is the key here, and SLC sells the LOWEST QUALITY shungite which is pretty much worthless for it's intended effects.

The ap I installed for free is called Ultimate EMF Detector if you wan to try it too. Funny enough, the TV I watch SLC on is at 75 on the meter while my computers are only at 40, lol!
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Re: SLC Shungite VS EMF

Post by BostonIrish » 2 months ago

Wow Thanks🤔
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Re: SLC Shungite VS EMF

Post by Lanai » 2 months ago

Thanks for the info. I have to wonder where this Company keeps pulling out Shungite, when we have had no trade with Russia in quite some time now and over a year ago they were saying they were at the end of their stock and had exhausted attempts to purchase any stock from other sources. Guess that goes right along with the Gold, Sleeping Beauty, Tanzanite and Swarovski never ending exhausted stock.
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Re: SLC Shungite VS EMF

Post by Koalagirl » 2 months ago

Hunter was on presenting Terahertz this morning and my brother said he was swinging his arms around saying that Terahertz is the best and that it works so well. So glad I missed that circus. I understand he did Shungite this afternoon. I had checked to see what was aired on the website.
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