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4 years ago

Post by Gulfwaterlady » 2 months ago

I just went to page 181. I only read one post. Blossom wrote that she was glad she could express her views on the SLC forum.

Moderator La Rica wrote thanking her for her post. It says 4 years ago. She said SLC is always working to improve your shopping experience. La Rica said thank you for your patience.

Patience! The channel had already been on air for 10 years!

It seems most posts on this forum agree that the unique
concept of a Liquidation Channel, now SLC , has failed miserably.
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Re: 4 years ago

Post by joshuatheemerald » 2 months ago

Interesting! I have only been watching for about a year or so, but I have done my homework on the backstory of the company and its “story”. I think a true “liquidation” channel would be very profitable in today’s economy. Does anyone have those resale stores or salvage merchandise places where you live? Where I live they are very common and you see pallets full of merchandise from Kohls, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc that has been sold off presumably by weight or through an auction. I think if there was a channel to buy these types of products, it could be successful. Even when LC has “close out” type of products, the pricing still seems high. When they were selling perfumes the other day, many of the name brand bottles were cheaper on Amazon than what was shown on air.
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Re: 4 years ago

Post by WTFarmGirl » 2 months ago

I would agree. If they are "making and manufacturing" their own merch, then it's NOT a closeout. As mentioned many times, you GET what you PAY FOR with them. I do have a gold ring of theirs. It was $600. My jeweler wanted $800 for the same ring (on sale). However, I don't know what the GRAM WEIGHT was, and did NOT look at the band much. Chances are, the SLC ring is much thinner and sparsely done. Is it still a good deal when the stone pops out?
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