Order Cancelled

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Order Cancelled

Post by slo45 » 4 months ago

I ordered a ring a couple of weeks ago and haven't received it yet. Checked on the order status and it says something about waiting on carrier.... Started a chat session and inquired about the order. Rep that answered the chat said the order was "stuck" and it had to be cancelled, usually because it was sold out. Well, it wasn't sold out when they took my money. I looked on the website and they were still showing the ring for sale, at double the price I paid for it. Before I could get back to the chat, the rep had cancelled the ring and signed out. Not sure I'm going to buy any more jewelry from SLC... :x
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Re: Order Cancelled

Post by Gulfwaterlady » 4 months ago

This sounds like you are a new shopper from SLC. This is a really bad way for a company to treat someone. I think you will read a lot of similar experiences by other customers. You might as well move on now because it doesn't get better.
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