Emerald Mines in Colombia

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Emerald Mines in Colombia

Post by ForeverFun » 2 months ago

Interesting news story on Associated Press today. Women are making gains as miners despite difficult working conditions and once being outright banned from employment.

Women work alongside men in some mines. In a few mines that are owned by women, it's women-only.
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Re: Emerald Mines in Colombia

Post by Lanai » 2 months ago

Nice to hear and long overdue. Unfortunately Women especially in many 3rd World Countries and Cultures have been oppressed and forced to perform and follow the lead on Men, even if the decisions made by these Men were "bad ones". Basically catering to them by taking care of the needs and urges of whatever these Men decided they wanted them to do or suffer the consequences. Not allowed to be educated and basically used as Baby Making Machines and Maids, chosen by whomever the Males decided was a Female, they wanted, many at a very young age which could be considered basically Consistently Negotiated Transactions with the Family Matriarchs. Young girls given to, many times, old men, to do with as they pleased.
In my opinion much like someone purchasing a Pet, becoming trapped due to poverty, lack of educational opportunities, no economic resources available for them and little if No Support System from Family and their Communities, if
any attempt to try to become Independent. So I think it is great that slowly more and more Females of all Cultures and Different Countries are beginning to take a stand and there are Women Business Owners giving these Ladies Opportunities, Options and the Courage to No Longer Stand for nor Tolerate these Long Established Traditions of basically being Victims of Emotional, Mental and/or Physical Abuse.
I think it is truly a big step in empowering these Females to have the Opportunities to be Self Sufficient and the Confidence to to Realize their Self Worth. I have worked closely and have became not only Colleagues but Very Good Friends with 3 Male Physicians, born in Countries with these Practices, including being born by Mothers and into Families who Practice these Traditions. That had Female Family Members that were Victims of these Circumstances, but they did not agree or support these practices over the years, I must add that they all did come from the "Wealthier Families" and lived and received their Education and Medical Degrees in England before applying for and becoming US Citizens. Quickly adopting the American Culture with Children born and raised in the US, followed by these Children Marrying American Women or Women of Different Cultures that would have been Forbidden if they lived in the Countries where their Parents wore Born. The Wives who came with their Spouses to the US were quick in establishing American Traditions including celebrating American Holidays. One Physician, of which Country they were born, I think inappropriate to divulge, actually brought a "Look Book" with pics and Family Bios of Daughters available to be Chosen and Negotiated for Marital Transactions.
Disgusting and Inhumane, in my opinion. None of these particular Physicians utilized these options or practices for their children, their children would not have cooperated anyway. It was done as a learning experience for those of us, who obviously had knowledge that these Practices still existed but was shocked to actually see it in a Catalog similar to what Department Stores used to send out during the Holiday Season as "Wish Books", that as a child was much anticipated and excited when received, looking at all the glossy pictures.
So glad that these particular Males appear to treat their Spouses with Respect, actually the Women are the ones that seem to be very Americanized and actually "wear the pants" in the Family with their own Careers and Children raised to make their own Decisions with Careers, Relationships and No Arranged Marriages. Unfortunately, not saying that this is always the case for Certain Males and the way they attempt and or indeed do treat Women even after becoming US Citizens, or even some US born Men, not just those from other Countries, but these 3 are Good Family Men who attend their School Children and Community Events and Fundraisers and treat Women they work along side with respect. Sorry to be so long winded, just very glad to hear about these Positive Changes being made.
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