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Post by Eclair » 3 months ago

Even though I do not do the auctions anymore, I still look to see if that item I wanted shows up...the last time it was and I bid, I lost to one of the folks you see all the time...I had specifically put a notice asking LC to let me know if one became available...well, the item was back, again, being bid on by the same person as before...I tried to bid but this person bid higher than the regular price, so that was it for me...maybe they get a kick back if someone bids more than the regular price? Anyway, I called the personal shopper to ask why I was not notified...they told me there was probably only one...which told me it was probably a return...or they hold some popular ones trying to make more money on them...forgetting this item for good!...the current bid price by someone else is twice what the regular LC price is...I so appreciate the other info you bring to our attention...
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Re: Auctions

Post by CDK » 3 months ago

I haven't won anything in over a month...I'm looking for new place for gemstones...People are bidding on loose gemstones as much as a gold ring with the same size Gemstone...Too bad creepy Trolls have to ruin the auctions for us good people...The auction rules need to change and bidders held financially responsible...
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