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Post by BostonIrish » 3 months ago

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Re: Coach

Post by CJM » 3 months ago

I just searched Coach Mollie tote. $179/$189. People on shoplc paid $500! Seriously 🙄
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Re: Coach

Post by Lanai » 3 months ago

I know, right!! Unbelievable, that there are people who just take the Hosts words as the Truth without even researching the "Name Brand" items that are so easy to check the average prices within seconds.

LC is selling the "Name Brand Items" that they have been offering in Various Categories for more than almost every legit online retailer whether it's Handbags, Clothing, Designer Sunglasses, Fragrances, etc..

This includes other TV Shopping Networks.

I can't figure it out. Almost every legitimate Company has some form of Budget Payments available, so it's not like they have to only purchase from LC to receive Interest Free Payment Plans.

Guess that's one of the ways this Company stays in business. The Hosts are definitely Salesmen and Women. Crazy!!!
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Re: Coach

Post by Eclair » 3 months ago

It is unbelievable if these folks pay these prices...we have a coach outlet near us where you can find very cool coach bags always on sale at super prices...maybe someone will read our posts and wake up...also, the perfumes have huge inflated prices too...looked at some of the new arrivals, and most of the merchandise looked like restyled old merchandise...I have been lucky to acquire some very nice things, not big ticket items, from LC, so I can say thank you for that, but everything is starting to look the same...looked in on the auctions, same names bidding up items, so you have no chance to win...since they stopped carrying a favorite beauty product I asked them to continue to carry, no reason to hang around except for a new comforter when i need a new one...
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