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Post by Lacy » 3 months ago

S&D show. D has a mic on a stand now, finally. No more distracting noises from airbuds. Its sounds so much better.

Give a mic on a stand to all the remote hosts. No more airbuds.
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Re: Remote

Post by colljoe » 3 months ago

Hopefully Adi is next. I give Night Owl a try if I happen to get up at night but he sounds so bad I immediately move on to QVC or JTV or whatever. Just so annoying and unprofessional.
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Re: Remote

Post by joshuatheemerald » 3 months ago

One has to wonder if Dan himself took it upon himself to get the microphone, or if LC mandated it. I would guess it is the former, to which I applaud Dan for choosing to elevate his professionalism.

Karen and Adi could also use a professional mic for their audio clarity. But I don’t even really watch anymore so I guess it doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other
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