Deanna - Fri 4-26-2024

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Deanna - Fri 4-26-2024

Post by Mapper » 2 months ago

"Bella wrote: ↑26 minutes ago
Neither of those hand gestures are anything derogatory. I think somebody got their panties in a bunch so to speak. The “horn” sign is a signal of warding off evil. Metal heads use as a term of endearment. I consider myself as a hard rock/metal fan. You see it at concerts all over the world. Not a big deal.

Exactly. The hand gesture she used was love. She then brought both hands down in the shape of a heart. I used the horn and devil gestures as an example because the love gesture has the thumb outward and the other 2 have the thumb inward and over the 2 middle fingers.

It isn't a big deal. I watched that presentation and didn't notice it. That's when I referenced the FB video.

Of course the gestures can mean different things in different cultures. Either the poster doesn't know what they're talking about or, once again, it's a bad actor trying to cause trouble.
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Re: Deanna - Fri 4-26-2024

Post by Bella » 2 months ago

I agree Mapper!
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