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Say HI

Post by Lacy » 2 months ago

"D" just said on a closing comment at 2:59 am EST.
Say hi to a stranger.. On what planet. (Oh, in D's world.) Not mine.
That is such a weird comment.
Its a way to get in trouble, or look like a crazy person.
Being kind to one another, is NOT saying HI to idol strangers.
Most people don't want to be bothered by others when
they are out and about . They can be dangerous too.
I was taught NOT to talk to strangers. Bad advice in my book.
Just saying
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Re: Say HI

Post by WTFarmGirl » 2 months ago

Really depends on yoir area... small towns it's pretty common to give a smile and nod, but bigger cities you might get pepper sprayed 😆
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