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Post by Koalagirl » 2 months ago

I wanted to see the new line of jewelry that Chuck and Courtney had on today because I was unable to watch it yesterday. Let me say that the presentations from Courtney were just plain awful! Not once did she show what kind of backing the earrings had. Before I buy any earrings I have to see what kind of backing you hey have. Courtney was more concerned with showing them in her ear than showing the item! Like someone said on another post her expressions and laughter seem very fake. VERY POOR PRESENTATIONS.
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Re: Presentations

Post by Vickyh2 » 2 months ago

Ok I'm gonna chime in here too. Normally, I enjoy Shawn -- but ya know, the "Dan and Shawn Show" has run it's course. Is Dan so unaware of how distracting and annoying he is? Well, he finally got a stand alone microphone, but it seems he doesn't know how to use the MUTE button on it. Dan's constant distracting background noise is really unprofessional. Is he opening potato chip bags? crunch, crunch, crunch while Shawn is talking ---- even Shawn looks annoyed as if he's thinking "What's all that noise?" while trying to speak. Then it's like Dan is somewhere else in his mind, and just lets dead airtime float by -- then maybe will realize Shawn is asking him a question about the product they are presenting. Dan, you may have been a "superstar" in the past, but the time has come to retire.
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