Buzz Words or Phrases

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Buzz Words or Phrases

Post by Quette » 2 months ago

Happy Monday All!

The latest phrase is compliments of one of my favorites hosts, Jessica. A couple of weeks ago she was getting on my nerves during a lifestyle show continuously saying everything was "a game changer". Now I'm noticing others are overusing it also. Hunter - guilty.

Speaking of Jessica, this happened a couple of months ago. She was doing a show with Tony and she said a piece of jewelry was "to die for". That was one of Steve's catch phrases. He said it at least once during every show. Tony said to Jessica "What could possibly make someone want to die for something. It would be better to live for it". Thank you Tony. Not only has Jessica not said it since but neither has Steve. If you watch Steve you know he loves him some Tony. Always quoting him and complimenting him. I don't have a problem with it. Just wish he was on the air a lot less than he is. Steve that is.
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Re: Buzz Words or Phrases

Post by joshuatheemerald » 2 months ago

Speaking of Jessica, who I also like!, does it seem she is appearing less on the TV and more on the social media shows? What a WASTE OF TALENT!!!!! Jessica is one of the better hosts at sharing the screen and creating a great show that’s watchable. But I keep seeing her more and more on the Live Stream instead of the TV.
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