Too many cooks

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Too many cooks

Post by Lacy » 2 months ago

They are showing a skincare line. With 2 hosts, 1 guest and 2 models. Why. H is too loud, bossy and taking over the show. Yelling over everyone.
D is barely speaking because of H. The guest is trying to get a word in as often as she can. I don't care about his experience with the product. His face is 1/2 covered in hair anyway, let the guest speak, Cut H mic., or don't have so many people presenting items at the same time. They aren't speaking of shelf life, sensitive skin reactions. Just awful.
Turned it off again.
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Re: Too many cooks

Post by Koalagirl » 2 months ago

H is too loud for anything he tries to sell. He also thinks he's an expert on everything, let me tell you, he isn't.
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Re: Too many cooks

Post by Bella » 2 months ago

With that many people selling and demonstrating an item how can they keep the cost down? Doesn’t make sense and makes the presentation nothing but a big ole headache for the viewer!
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