ATTN ADMINS - Foreign posts offer FAKE EUROS!

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ATTN ADMINS - Foreign posts offer FAKE EUROS!

Post by RubyTuesday » 3 weeks ago


Did you notice that there are 2 new posts in Italian? There is nothing wrong with Italian - but the poster is not talking about food or Italian gold!!
And it certainly does not reflect well on ShopLC - unless you have found a new product line! 😲🚫😲⛔

It is quite simple to highlight some of the text and then use Google Translate (or whatever you prefer) to translate into English. The post seems to be advice on how to acquire realistic foreign money for props in plays, tv, movies, etc. But is it really?? Here is an excerpt:

  • 2: Fake euro banknotes for sale in Milan
    A reliable way to find fake euro banknotes for saleWhatsApp $+12094323659$ is through dedicated online marketplaces. These platforms connect buyers with sellers offering a wide range of counterfeit currencies, including euros. When using such marketplaces, it is crucial to pay attention and thoroughly research sellers' reputations and customer reviews. Look for sellers with positive feedback and a proven track record of distributing high-quality counterfeit money. Also, consider contacting the seller directly to answer any concerns or questions you may have before making a purchase.

Does SLC accept cash in the company store? Maybe this would be a good way to really get some "Low Costs" and some Carry-out (vs Delivering) "JOY"!
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Re: ATTN ADMINS - Foreign posts offer FAKE EUROS!

Post by Bella » 3 weeks ago

Too funny Ruby T!! :lol:
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Re: ATTN ADMINS - Foreign posts offer FAKE EUROS!

Post by Penelope~Pit~Stop » 2 weeks ago

@RubyTuesday .....

Thanks for the ridiculous that our comments have to be approved and yet this nonsense is let go and put up!!
Just shows the Moderator are being managed by a couple of Host in my opinions
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