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Post by ExGemLover » 1 month ago

Hi hope everyone is well, Have you noticed how many items are now pre-orders? I have a big issue with my money being taken and the item not being sent out for 3 weeks. I complained numerous times about this and told CS the host should inform us when an item is a pre-order, I also have an issue with them taking pre-order money before the item ships. I had 3 items that I paid for that never shipped and I had to call for a refund, if I would have forgotten about it they would have kept my money and I would have paid for nothing so I no longer buy the pre-orders. I also have noticed we can no longer have a whole day of under $10 and Tuesdays without them having to toss in the high end items, those are the only two days we get and they are slowly edging them out and I bet there is a certain host behind that. Shop LC use to refund you the difference if you found the same item for less but now when you show them you did they do not care and no refund. I also noticed many of their items are identical to items sold on TEMU for much less. They now have the higher coupons back but what they are doing is if there s a 25% off coupon for example they raise the price of items 30% or more so you are not really getting a deal and I know this for a fact because many items I purchased for less than what they had the price at with the coupon so be careful when using the coupons, they seem to do this with the higher priced items not so much the under $10 although they did do it with a watch just last week that I got on a Friday for $9.99 and when they had the coupon the exact watch was listed for $27.99. For those interested Shop HQ is now offering FREE SHIPPING 7 days a week on everything, I got some great clearance items with free shipping the last couple of weeks, a couple of summer shirts were only $3.80. One more thing, if a company s doing a lot of pre-orders it makes me think they do not have the cash flow they need to pay for those items up front.
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Re: Pre-order

Post by Lacy » 1 month ago

I agree, also watch for your cancelled orders that didn't go out. I was checking my BP orders and noticed a payment for something I cancelled 3 months ago. I had to got through the LC games and got my refund for the payments they took out of my acct. for an Item I never received.

I buy from T lately. You just need to watch, they have a vender selling on their site now that charges 2.99 shipping under a certain amount. But there's a lot that is still free shipping.
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