Where Did It Go??

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Where Did It Go??

Post by CaribbeanGirl » 1 month ago

I Posted a message as a response to bostonirish a few days ago wishing for a speedy recovery. That was all I talked about & how I broke my foot 4 or 5 yrs. ago so I told her about my experience. Well It was taken off I do not no why.I have no idea why. I never said a word out of place or talked about any one but her & I. What the heck is going on with this place. You can not talk to any anyone about a broken foot on here. What is their problem. They can shove $15,000 rings at us all day, but we can not wish someone a speedy recovery. They Can Tell Us All Day, RUN , Run, RUN, RUN to your phone. But we can not wish someone well. GO FIGURE.
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Re: Where Did It Go??

Post by colljoe » 1 month ago

@CaribbeanGirl: It did not go through because on that string (Max Bidders) it was a longer string and did not go to Page 2. Look at bottom of string and you will see Page 1 of 1. Well, of lately, our posts do not go past Page 1 to a Page 2, 3 etc.
A Tech problem? Probably, but no one is fixing it.
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